First blog post

The Day before the First Day!~

Hey, My name is Jeremy Tompkins and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. A good friend of mine turned me on to MP45 and I am taking the challenge. I invite you to come along with me on my journey and I’ll share with you who I am and why I am doing this challenge.

I got the workout packet about 4 days ago and I have been spending a lot of time focusing on the food side of things, so that is what this first post is going to be about. I put together a nice binder to help me stay organized… I need it… and went to work figuring out what food to buy.

I feel that the diet plan may be a little under thought though I haven’t even started yet. I will be making a few substitutions and had to buy some less then wanted forms of the food in the meal plan (canned fruit instead of fresh…welcome to Alaska…) I am also a Real Estate Professional so meal plans and meal prep need to be well thought out in order to be successful.

Food Preview Video

I also plan to move the workout times around a little in order to fit it into my busy schedule. Thanks for being a part of my journey to new fitness goals and I look forward to hearing your feed back! Cheers – Jer


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