Recap day 1

Just about finished up with the first day of MP45. I have 1 small meal left before bed and I have cardio at 7:40am tomorrow… yay…. so enthused. Day 1 workout video

So my recap for the day. My meals and snacks were great, the workout was tougher then expected and I got a little light headed after the leg presses. I have not been eating any grains for the last month or so and they really aren’t a part of my diet so that was a big change for my gut today, felt a little “bloated”. After day 1 Workout recap vid

After strength training/weights we went and “ran” on the tread mill for 10 minutes which was a challenge in itself because we had just finished up close to 80-90 reps on the leg press… going up the stairs to get to the treadmill was a challenge in itself :’)


Over all feeling pretty good about day 1, I am excited for cardio tomorrow as I don’t focus as much as I need to on it and interested to see the results it yields. Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic night! Cheers- Jer




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