Recap day 2

Coming to the end of day 2. Diet was 98% on point today. Had some chicken, beans, steak, salad, eggs, protein shakes, nuts, and fruit. Over all feeling pretty good. We had about 45 minutes of cardio this morning at 7:45am and again I can’t figure out whose idea it was to put the cardio equipment on the 2nd floor….I just don’t get it. I don’t think I am as worried about falling on the treadmill doing a 30 second sprint as I am falling down the stair after the workout… Run Run Video

Tomorrow is back to a full body workout with some strip sets and a few new lifts that they didn’t have on the first full body day. We are still focused on setting a good solid foundation and each week the MP45 plan has a new “strategy” or “focus”.

Stay tuned for day 3! Have a great night!


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