Snack Time! Walnuts

Snacks snacks snacks… to be honest I prefer my snacks to have a bit more protein.. and meat…. Also haven’t been much of a fan of fruit for a diet plan and again I’m doing my best to stick to the diet so I can give my true opinion of the MP45 plan.

So Walnuts. I don’t mind eating dif. nuts that are included in this diet… though almonds are crazy expensive right now… and I want to learn why I should be eating what I am eating. So I’ve used the internet and read a few articles about walnuts.  Walnuts are part of the tree nut family which includes Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts , macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, and pistachios.  I don’t usually carry around a scale with me so we will say a serving is a handful 🙂 They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and have great cardiovascular benefits. And hey, walnuts taste pretty good too, which is a plus. Do a little research for yourself and maybe think of adding a handful of Walnuts to your daily snacks. I would love to get some feed back if you know anything about walnuts that you can share with everyone. Thanks!



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