Recap day 5

Dinner. Gotta love it. Some good old fashion ‘sprouts, some vegetarian baked beans and chicken. I’ve been getting some great feed back from friends and family and I truly appreciate the support.


I was driving in my car today thinking about this workout program…I have done p90x workouts and high intensity training, played a lot of soccer, lifted heavy weights and all that jazz but I have never really bought 100% into a full workout plan and diet plan at the same time for a set amount of days. I honestly am stoked to see the outcome and I feel like this time I really have a chance to create the idea of what the body I have in my imagination can look like in real life. Sometime I feel there are a lot of things in the world we don’t always have direct control over but I feel like fitness and nutrition is something we can almost 100% control if we choose to. That is pretty powerful when you really think about it. Small, daily choices cause a ripple effect in your life even if its positive or negative and that is why your thoughts become reality. What you focus on expands and every area of our life intersects with one another. Health, work, family, and spiritual. Sometimes it takes moving the domino strongly in 1 direction of life positively to create a halo effect on every other area and making some big waves! So as much as this is about health and fitness, I know the choice to follow this diet and exercise  plan is going to cause every other area of my life that I am intentional about to move forward.  Thanks for checking in, I appreciate the love and support and please if there is any way that I can encourage you, let me know! -Jer


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