Day 6 recap

Day 6 is officially in the bag. Overall the first week of MP45 has been pretty great. Definitely not easy in any way, and if you are thinking about making progress in your fitness goals, or any goal for that matter, I highly recommend getting an accountability partner or buddy that will help you get through the tough, growth times.

So day 6 was a good. The morning cardio kicked my butt.. a good 15 min medium jog to get warmed up followed by 10 minutes of Jump Rope . Then 3 sets of 1.5 min sprints and a 15 minutes cool down and stretch.

My Hamstrings are super sore still from day 5 and will be doing some extra stretching on day 7 to be ready for the second week of MP45.

Diet is pretty on point. Mixed up a few items. The diet calls for Talapia… I am not a fan of talipia, I understand it may have protein and may be “lean” ,but honestly I think its garbage food. So I stick with my chicken 🙂

I am excited for the next phase of MP45 and to share the experience. Have a beautiful day!



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