Day 7 MP45

Nothing to flashy today. Main focus was diet and prepping for the next 7 days. I have been stretching the hamstrings a lot today as they are pretty sore still. I think the workout tomorrow is upper body so I should have an additional day to keep stretching for my legs to be ready for the lower body Tuesday workout. Coffee was not on the diet plan today… what a dragggg….I definitely felt the lack of caffeine today. I think I may have taken a few mini naps. I did try a sugar free hot chocolate tonight consisting of Almond milk, cocoa powder, creamed coconut, and stevia. That was pretty tasty.

That’s all I have for tonight. I cannot wait for this next week of new workouts and cardio days. The results are going to be off the hook! Weight wise I started at 187lbs and weighed in at 185lbs this morning. I feel pretty good about those numbers as I am losing fat and gaining muscle. Pretty good trade in my opinion. Hoping by the end of Oct to be in the 175-180 range. Cheers! -Jer


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