Day 8 MP45 recap! Carrrdioooo

Great to be back in the gym today. This week has been split up into a 2 day split with the first day ( today) being upper body and tomorrow lower body. It was pretty intense. The workout were similar to week 1 with some different variations like holding the rep at the top of the motion for 5 seconds on the working set.. Man that really was killer and created a great pump.  This phase of the program has a huge cardio set at the end of the lifting sets and it really kicked my butt!!!! We had a great warm up jog (10Min) then went into I guess it would be considered interval training. We ran at 8mph for 1 minute then dropped it down to 7mph for 1 minute and did 5 sets of that. Then we ran at 9mph for 3o seconds then 7mph for 1 minutes. I was drenched at the end of it then had a great 10 minute stretch. I am looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully wont be too sore.

Diet is great! I love the food I am eating and got some decent carbs today which I enjoy. I am interested to know if you are going to the gym do you prefer to do cardio before or after lifting weights or would you prefer to go play a sport like soccer or go for a run outside to get some cardio in? Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!


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