Day 9 MP45 got me good!

Day 9 was a good workout and great on the diet!! The biggest changes to this weeks lower body work out was high rep squats, body weight only, coupled with holding lifts at the top of the rep for 5 seconds… man it burned good! Day 9 Legpress and Squats

The cardio following was all done on a stationary bike and really kicked my butt. On a treadmill you can really control your strides and how quick your feet are moving at higher paces but on a bike you are fighting against resistance and speed… game changer!

I cannot thank my lifting buddy Jrod enough for being committed to this workout because it really help when those last few reps are killing you to get and you have moral support. You rock dude!

Thanks again for stopping by I hope you have a wonderful day and please leave me a comment if you read this and let me know what you are thankful for today! Cheers!



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