MP45day 10, Scallops

Rest days are nice. Just going to leave it at that. Our lower body workout yesterday has my legs and abs sore as can be…lots of stretching and foam roller today. Other then the moaning and groaning that came from me today…the slow up and down the stairs… no sudden movements…and “spot that landing”… overall the day was great!

I had a wonderful treat for dinner tonight(thanks Mom!), Steamed broccoli, scallops wrapped in bacon over a bed of brown rice…. I think I ate 6 of the scallops.. For $25/lb they better be amazing! Fresh Alaskan Scallops are hard to beat.

Tomorrow is back to upper body and I’m looking forward to increasing weights and getting some good muscle break down. Thanks for stopping in and have an amazing day! – Cheers, Jer


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