Mp45 Day12 Success

Day 12 was great! Second day of lower body destruction 🙂 Almost got my training partner to “hurl town”…but he made it through….great work Jrod! The lower body workout for mp45 this week has been brutal in so many ways. Weather its holding the weight at the top of the rep for 5 seconds or massive amounts of body weight reps then going and sprinting on a treadmill or bike.

Overall I am feeling great body wise and the diet is pretty on point. I didn’t take any photo’s of my food today so you get a pretty picture of the fresh snow we got 🙂 Tomorrow is a track day.. have to go to the dome( indoor track) and get some fun times in. I hope you are having an amazing day today and are striving to better yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Cheers! Jer



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