MP45 day 15 recap

We are into the 3rd week of MP45 and I am stoked! Rise of the free weights! We focused on back and abs today. Got some awesome dead lifts in today with a few variations of of the lift and got a good back burn going. Over all the diet was on point today and I am looking forward to some cardio tomorrow morning.

I really find that my focus is very much on point when I have a great diet plan and exercise routine in place to where I don’t have to put extra time and energy into thinking about what I am going to eat next, when I’m going to eat, and what I am going to work out today. Does anyone else feel some comfort in some parts of life to let someone write it out for you and then you just get it done? I definitely don’t feel like that in every area of my life but sometimes I am okay with just following steps to get where I am going and seeing progress along the way is a great byproduct of taking action. In an early blog I spoke about “Halo effect” and when you align 1 part of your life with something you are stretching for and pushing hard into other parts of your life, business, family, spiritual can be effected by this “halo” of accelerate growth. Its pretty cool to watch. I am also reading through the Miracle Morning which I am very excited about. Your morning is a very powerful time if you are intentional about it. Make it a great day! Thanks for stopping in- Jer


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