Mp45 day 39-42

Well I have been in Phoenix, AZ , the last 5 days and still crushing my diet and workouts. I even get to go outside to run hills and get me some Tabata training unlike in AK where I can’t really do anything outside right now…

So I have been crushing some legs, cardio, chest,back and abs at the end of each of those workouts . The last 3 days are all super set days and are going to be pretty intense.  I have been loving the results I have been getting. I have leaned way out and am getting close to my 10% body fat.

This has been the most challenging diet and excersize plan I have completed and I am so glad I have stuck through it even when it was tough. I’ll be posted my transformation photos after day 45 and get some Q&A going for those interested in learning more. Thanks for following my journey and for all the encouragement , it does mean a lot to me. Cheers! -Jer


Mp45 Days 33-38

So it’s been a few days since I’ve updated the blog, it’s been a couple crazy days with work and if you other things going on in life. And I’ve definitely been staying on my diet and working out every possibility that I can in order to stay on the plan. Overall I’m feeling great, the diet has been 99% on point, and we’re getting closer to the end of the 45 day challenge. I’m so excited to share my results with you and give you my feedback on this 45 day challenge.

So let’s talk about some of the workouts that we’ve had in the last four/ five days. Last week we finish up some big circuit training and had some really tough workouts including arms and abs, some big cardio sets with sprints, and today we did shoulders and abs. The biggest thing about these workouts is the amount of reps and exercises is really huge. There’s very little rest between exercises making big supersets a reality and really forcing you to push through that time when your body and mind want to quit moving the weight and you just have to push through it. This morning I had some uphill sprints for about 30 to 45 minutes and that really made me sweat a lot. So today was a 2aday.

 I’m leaving for Arizona tonight, so I’ll be focusing a lot on my diet and exercise while I am down there and then I’ll be back home for the last two days of the work out. I’ll still be doing updates and keeping you guys in the loop on how the diet and exercise is going and posting pictures of all the awesome food I’m eating.

Thanks again for stopping by I appreciate you reading about my journey. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below I would love some feedback and look to see how I could help you in your personal fitness and diet goals.

MP45 day 32 Legs/chest

Today, was easily the most intense lift of the program. I’m not sure whose idea it was to take 2 of the biggest muscle groups and absolutely crush them both in the same workout… I think we were easily in the gym for 2.5 hours today just destroying the weights. Circuit training for massive weight,reps,lifts and pushing past failure more then 1 time. At times I wanted to cry but I just kept pushing it out. Instant fatigue was setting in after ever set the legs just felt weaker and weaker. The chest excersizes were heavy and intense but you don’t need your chest to walk to the next set 🙂 the diet has been on point and carb loading for this insainity was a must. I think I read that there is a cheat meal, first of the diet, tonight and I’m not 100% sure what I want to do. I have been focused on a pretty clean diet and I know when your body isn’t trying to break down garbage food for a while it reacts poorly to garbage food. So I’ll keep it pretty moderate on the “cheat”. I have a sprint cardio set that I am completing a day early because I have weekend obligation. Thanks for stopping in and make it an amazing day! Cheers-Jer

Day 30. Circuit training 

We are 15 days out from finishing up this great workout/meal plan and so far I am digging these results! Life is good! I really feel the biggest contribution to my results is the meal plan. It may not be 100% of what I would normally eat and it’s getting the job done. 

Today’s workout was a fun circuit training of back and shoulders. It was groups of 6-8 lifts back to back with a nice warm up set and a longer heavy lifting working set followed by a cool down. It was kind of busy at the gym today so running around using lots of equipment is always a fun challenge. We got it done and the sweat was dripping freely. Felt great and we have the 31st off! Rest day and get ready for a great weekend coming up. I think I even read there is a cheat meal in the diet! First one in a month. Crazy! Would love your recommendation on what I should have for dinner tomorrow evening that can be anything that isn’t deep fried. Make it an amazing day! Cheers -Jer 

Mp45 day 29! Uphill sprints

6am…. phone alarm is bringing me back to reality… I head to the other room to turn the alarm off. I need to find my warm hoodie and go make some coffee. Thank the Lord it’s Monday and I get another shot at changing the world 1 small step at a time. Fire up the tea kettle and get some water going while I blend up a weak protein shake. This is the start to a great day! In the car and headed to the gym by 7am and rocking and rolling a great uphill sprint battle. By the end of the 35min I am dripping in sweat and my lungs and chest burn. A nice 3/4 mile walk to slow the heart rate down is all I need and some stretching and I’m headed to the shower and put my work clothes on! That was the start of my day. I hope yours was great! 

Day 27/28 legs and rest day 

So I got to do a great leg workout early Saturday morning. I flew solo on this work out and did about 80% of what was on the list. I didn’t have access to some of the equipment I needed to do the full workout because there was a spin class going on in the room so I just improvised and used other machines to get the workout done. It was great workout and the straight leg standing deadlifts really got my hamstrings good.

 Sunday was a rest day and a much-needed rest day at that. I was able to use a friends faom roller to roll out my tight hamstrings and lower back and they feel much better.

 So we are finished up with the fourth week of MP 45 and moving on to the last three weeks of the work out. I feel very good and my body is changing in all the right ways. I’m at my lowest weight I have been at in a long time. The diet is awesome and I got to share a wonderful lobster meal with some friends for dinner on Sunday. This last week of workouts with two a days was definitely challenging. I really feel great about the cardio intensity and I’m excited to look at this weeks workouts. Time to get really focused and push hard to finish strong on this workout and I’m excited to share my successes with you. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Day 26 armmmmssss

Amazing Friday workout! Started the day with about an hour of interval sprinting. Then ate a ton of food! Then had a second workout. Super setting bi/trip overload!!! Tons of reps and running the rack to get a hugggeeee pump. It felt great… arms are pretty much useless after that. Tomorrow (today as I am writing this) is Legs/abs. Short post today as it’s time to get after it! Have a killer day and spread positivity. Cheers! Jer

Mp45 day 25 boulder shoulders

Another grand day at the gym forcing my body past the point of failure…. today I had the pleasure of working my shoulders out pretty hard. The workout has implemented a technique call “running the rack” which is what it sounds like…. do 8reps with a moderate weight, drop those dumbells, and pick up the 5lbs lighter and shoot for 8 reps and run it down the rack for 5-6 sets. Man it’s tough!!! A lot of good super sets with side raises and lateral raises. Some good clean jerks and presses. Running the rack on shrugs is alway a favorite of mine because you get such a killer pump!!!! Not to many amazing food shots today. I went out to a lunch with a new client and was so immersed in the conversation I forgot to be acward( sp?) and start taking pictures of my lunch!!! 😃😃 Tomorrow is a 2 a day, cardio in the AM and bi/tri in the afternoon which will be off the hook amazing. Thanks again for everyone that stops in to read my rant about changing my life habits through working out and I hope I am able to encourage you to take 1 step in the right direction of taking care of your health. It is one of the most important things in life to focus on. Make it a great day! Cheers

Mp45 day 24 stairs… 

Another great morning cardio, stairs, completed today. Not to much documenting of food I consumed, it was pretty in point. Not going to be a super long post tonight. No flashy videos of running stairs… just imagine a lot of panting, wining, sweating, cursing softly under the breath and you get the picture … thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day!!!! Cheers -Jer 


MP45 Day 23

Day 23 Is in the “protein powder” bag(chocolate)… Man, today was a great day! Incredibly successful business day. Great day at the gym. Diet was on point! Great night of sleep last night. And even a bonus workout with my smoke’n hot wife! Some moderate intensity yoga for a good stretch and decent core/leg burn. Morning cardio tomorrow then Thursday is Shoulders/abs, Friday 2 a day, sat cardio then we are almost 30 days into this thing!!!!

When it comes to my recommendations this far into MP45 and who I would recommend this workout to it really comes down to extreme dedication. If you can coach yourself through just about anything, MP45 will take your patients and dedication to a new level. The workouts and diets don’t always make a ton of sense and if you go at it full on, the hard work and dedication pays off. Also having a badass training partner to keep you smiling goes a longgggg way. A workout partner is key as you could die doing some of these workouts without some one there… no jokes.

So find a great friend that wants to completely change their life and habits.  Think about it, when was the last time you had directions on what to eat every 2-3 hours,every day,yes even the weekends,for 45DAYS!!!! and actually stuck to it. First off, its not easy to do it alone, and second it really take some grit.

When I make it to the finish line and sculpt this body of the heavens that I have always dreamed of, I will most likely sell out and push this diet plan/workout hard because it is something I truly believe in and would love to coach and encourage people through. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and go MAKE IT and amazing day. Cheers! Jer