Day 22… first day of 2adays

Sooooo…. 2 a day… started with some crazy incline sprinting… never a great idea on a Monday Morning to start with incline sprinting… at 7am… but I survived. It felt great to get it out of the way and was in the office early this morning getting my post protein shake in and prepping for the day. Had some nice egg white omelet and carbs to get the energy levels back up. Then… this afternoon got to do a heavy back day… lots of weights… lifting them and putting them back down… dead lifts… pull ups… bent over rows… my lower back was dead… then finished up with a jockey pull… 100 reps. Just about did me in. Soooo I’m tired and it’s time to go to bed! Thanks for stopping in and stay tuned for this week. It’s going to be a huge week workout wise and diet. Big transformations coming my way. Cheers!


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