MP45 Day 23

Day 23 Is in the “protein powder” bag(chocolate)… Man, today was a great day! Incredibly successful business day. Great day at the gym. Diet was on point! Great night of sleep last night. And even a bonus workout with my smoke’n hot wife! Some moderate intensity yoga for a good stretch and decent core/leg burn. Morning cardio tomorrow then Thursday is Shoulders/abs, Friday 2 a day, sat cardio then we are almost 30 days into this thing!!!!

When it comes to my recommendations this far into MP45 and who I would recommend this workout to it really comes down to extreme dedication. If you can coach yourself through just about anything, MP45 will take your patients and dedication to a new level. The workouts and diets don’t always make a ton of sense and if you go at it full on, the hard work and dedication pays off. Also having a badass training partner to keep you smiling goes a longgggg way. A workout partner is key as you could die doing some of these workouts without some one there… no jokes.

So find a great friend that wants to completely change their life and habits.  Think about it, when was the last time you had directions on what to eat every 2-3 hours,every day,yes even the weekends,for 45DAYS!!!! and actually stuck to it. First off, its not easy to do it alone, and second it really take some grit.

When I make it to the finish line and sculpt this body of the heavens that I have always dreamed of, I will most likely sell out and push this diet plan/workout hard because it is something I truly believe in and would love to coach and encourage people through. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and go MAKE IT and amazing day. Cheers! Jer


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