Mp45 day 25 boulder shoulders

Another grand day at the gym forcing my body past the point of failure…. today I had the pleasure of working my shoulders out pretty hard. The workout has implemented a technique call “running the rack” which is what it sounds like…. do 8reps with a moderate weight, drop those dumbells, and pick up the 5lbs lighter and shoot for 8 reps and run it down the rack for 5-6 sets. Man it’s tough!!! A lot of good super sets with side raises and lateral raises. Some good clean jerks and presses. Running the rack on shrugs is alway a favorite of mine because you get such a killer pump!!!! Not to many amazing food shots today. I went out to a lunch with a new client and was so immersed in the conversation I forgot to be acward( sp?) and start taking pictures of my lunch!!! 😃😃 Tomorrow is a 2 a day, cardio in the AM and bi/tri in the afternoon which will be off the hook amazing. Thanks again for everyone that stops in to read my rant about changing my life habits through working out and I hope I am able to encourage you to take 1 step in the right direction of taking care of your health. It is one of the most important things in life to focus on. Make it a great day! Cheers


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