Day 27/28 legs and rest day 

So I got to do a great leg workout early Saturday morning. I flew solo on this work out and did about 80% of what was on the list. I didn’t have access to some of the equipment I needed to do the full workout because there was a spin class going on in the room so I just improvised and used other machines to get the workout done. It was great workout and the straight leg standing deadlifts really got my hamstrings good.

 Sunday was a rest day and a much-needed rest day at that. I was able to use a friends faom roller to roll out my tight hamstrings and lower back and they feel much better.

 So we are finished up with the fourth week of MP 45 and moving on to the last three weeks of the work out. I feel very good and my body is changing in all the right ways. I’m at my lowest weight I have been at in a long time. The diet is awesome and I got to share a wonderful lobster meal with some friends for dinner on Sunday. This last week of workouts with two a days was definitely challenging. I really feel great about the cardio intensity and I’m excited to look at this weeks workouts. Time to get really focused and push hard to finish strong on this workout and I’m excited to share my successes with you. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


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