Mp45 day 29! Uphill sprints

6am…. phone alarm is bringing me back to reality… I head to the other room to turn the alarm off. I need to find my warm hoodie and go make some coffee. Thank the Lord it’s Monday and I get another shot at changing the world 1 small step at a time. Fire up the tea kettle and get some water going while I blend up a weak protein shake. This is the start to a great day! In the car and headed to the gym by 7am and rocking and rolling a great uphill sprint battle. By the end of the 35min I am dripping in sweat and my lungs and chest burn. A nice 3/4 mile walk to slow the heart rate down is all I need and some stretching and I’m headed to the shower and put my work clothes on! That was the start of my day. I hope yours was great! 


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