Day 30. Circuit training 

We are 15 days out from finishing up this great workout/meal plan and so far I am digging these results! Life is good! I really feel the biggest contribution to my results is the meal plan. It may not be 100% of what I would normally eat and it’s getting the job done. 

Today’s workout was a fun circuit training of back and shoulders. It was groups of 6-8 lifts back to back with a nice warm up set and a longer heavy lifting working set followed by a cool down. It was kind of busy at the gym today so running around using lots of equipment is always a fun challenge. We got it done and the sweat was dripping freely. Felt great and we have the 31st off! Rest day and get ready for a great weekend coming up. I think I even read there is a cheat meal in the diet! First one in a month. Crazy! Would love your recommendation on what I should have for dinner tomorrow evening that can be anything that isn’t deep fried. Make it an amazing day! Cheers -Jer 


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