Day 43,44 and 45!!!!

I hope no one thought that I got to day 42 and quit… because I didn’t!!!! The last 3 days of the workout were all 2 a day workouts, cardio in the AM and heavvvyyyyy lifting in the afternoon. And of course I crushed it! 

I am super stoked of the progress that I made in just 45 days!!! I dropped about 7 lbs from 187 down to 180 and honestly I was all over the scale throughout the 45 days. This has been the biggest physically transformation I have ever experiencence and cannot recommend this diet and fitness program enough!!! You really do get out of it what you put into it. It’s not always easy and it helps you build the systems into your life that all you to eat are the proper things and balance consistent workouts for 45 days. 

The last day of the workout was the day before thanksgiving and I didn’t really know what or how to act according to diet on thanksgiving day. It was tough! I had just finished up eating very clean for 45 days ( even when I had permission to eat a cheat meal it was hard to think of putting garbage food into my body, mostly processed sugars… yuck 😂 ). I did eat 3 moderate meals on thanksgiving and I felt pretty good about it. Subconsciously I was telling myself one day of eating a decent amount of carbs was going to erase my 45 days of blood, sweat and tears… and of course it didn’t.

The question is “now what”? I will continue to practice eating habits that consist  mainly protein and veggies and a minimal amount of carbs. I have looked into a few additional workout plans and will keep you updated on what and why I start the next workout. 

Thank you all for the encouragement and coming along on my journey. I again HIGHLY recommend this 45 cutting program because it WORKS! I would love to answer any questions you have for me and would love to encourage you to buy this workout! I will post a link shortly to where you can go to purchase the workout plan AND get some daily motivation and accountability from me! Have an amazing day!!! Cheers-Jer


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