Mp45 day 25 boulder shoulders

Another grand day at the gym forcing my body past the point of failure…. today I had the pleasure of working my shoulders out pretty hard. The workout has implemented a technique call “running the rack” which is what it sounds like…. do 8reps with a moderate weight, drop those dumbells, and pick up the 5lbs lighter and shoot for 8 reps and run it down the rack for 5-6 sets. Man it’s tough!!! A lot of good super sets with side raises and lateral raises. Some good clean jerks and presses. Running the rack on shrugs is alway a favorite of mine because you get such a killer pump!!!! Not to many amazing food shots today. I went out to a lunch with a new client and was so immersed in the conversation I forgot to be acward( sp?) and start taking pictures of my lunch!!! 😃😃 Tomorrow is a 2 a day, cardio in the AM and bi/tri in the afternoon which will be off the hook amazing. Thanks again for everyone that stops in to read my rant about changing my life habits through working out and I hope I am able to encourage you to take 1 step in the right direction of taking care of your health. It is one of the most important things in life to focus on. Make it a great day! Cheers


Mp45 day 24 stairs… 

Another great morning cardio, stairs, completed today. Not to much documenting of food I consumed, it was pretty in point. Not going to be a super long post tonight. No flashy videos of running stairs… just imagine a lot of panting, wining, sweating, cursing softly under the breath and you get the picture … thanks for stopping by and have an amazing day!!!! Cheers -Jer 


MP45 Day 23

Day 23 Is in the “protein powder” bag(chocolate)… Man, today was a great day! Incredibly successful business day. Great day at the gym. Diet was on point! Great night of sleep last night. And even a bonus workout with my smoke’n hot wife! Some moderate intensity yoga for a good stretch and decent core/leg burn. Morning cardio tomorrow then Thursday is Shoulders/abs, Friday 2 a day, sat cardio then we are almost 30 days into this thing!!!!

When it comes to my recommendations this far into MP45 and who I would recommend this workout to it really comes down to extreme dedication. If you can coach yourself through just about anything, MP45 will take your patients and dedication to a new level. The workouts and diets don’t always make a ton of sense and if you go at it full on, the hard work and dedication pays off. Also having a badass training partner to keep you smiling goes a longgggg way. A workout partner is key as you could die doing some of these workouts without some one there… no jokes.

So find a great friend that wants to completely change their life and habits.  Think about it, when was the last time you had directions on what to eat every 2-3 hours,every day,yes even the weekends,for 45DAYS!!!! and actually stuck to it. First off, its not easy to do it alone, and second it really take some grit.

When I make it to the finish line and sculpt this body of the heavens that I have always dreamed of, I will most likely sell out and push this diet plan/workout hard because it is something I truly believe in and would love to coach and encourage people through. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading and go MAKE IT and amazing day. Cheers! Jer

Day 22… first day of 2adays

Sooooo…. 2 a day… started with some crazy incline sprinting… never a great idea on a Monday Morning to start with incline sprinting… at 7am… but I survived. It felt great to get it out of the way and was in the office early this morning getting my post protein shake in and prepping for the day. Had some nice egg white omelet and carbs to get the energy levels back up. Then… this afternoon got to do a heavy back day… lots of weights… lifting them and putting them back down… dead lifts… pull ups… bent over rows… my lower back was dead… then finished up with a jockey pull… 100 reps. Just about did me in. Soooo I’m tired and it’s time to go to bed! Thanks for stopping in and stay tuned for this week. It’s going to be a huge week workout wise and diet. Big transformations coming my way. Cheers!

MP45 Day 21 I think…Rest Day

Today was an amazing rest day from the gym. Much needed before we have a couple 2/days this week coming up. Time to really hit it hard and shed some more fat and build some crazy muscle. It was nice to focus on diet and relaxing today and prepping for this week coming up.

Few pics of what I put in my body today and I am excited to share workouts and diet from next week! I would love to hear what you are thankful for this week. I am thankful for COFFEE!!!! That stuff gets me Jacked! Thanks for stopping in and make it an amazing day. Cheers-Jer

MP45 Day 19 Death by Cardio

So today I got to have some real fun when it comes to cardio…. It had a lot to do with incline Dreadmill sprinting… jump rope… 36in box jumps( of which I slipped on 1 rep, RIP shin) plyo jumps over bench… the nine…. I pretty much crawled out the of the gym today…of course with a smile on my face! I am soooo looking forward to day 20 being a rest day. I NEED IT! My legs are pretty much exhausted. Next week is a new routine and pretty similar diet.  Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!!!

MP45 Day 18, Dem Legs

So for legs and abs I got to run solo on the workout this time around and it was intense! LEGS! Tons of reps for the legs left me feeling pretty unstable by the end of the workout and very tired. I know I will be feeling the lasting muscle soreness after this one. We incorporated some box jumps and about 100 body weight squats for the workout warm up… I think just the 100 body squats got me pretty fatigued….that was just the beginning. After a large amount of strip weight sets and super/giant sets, I finished up with a nice ab killer. Very happy with a hard day of work and looking forward to cardio for day 19. Cheers!

Day 17 MP45 Pushhhh

So today we got a good taste of pushing exercises. Chest, shoulders, and triceps. Over all great workout and really forced some blood into the muscles. We aren’t really pushing hard for big weights, just focused on getting the needed number of reps and getting some good concentration.  Shoulders

I had a great chat with one of the personal trainers at the gym this morning that asked me about my goals and the workout and we chatted about fruit being in the diet. His outlook was that apples are a great source of fiber which is important in our diet. I will do my best to keep to the meal plan and rock and roll. Body fat is about 15% right now and the goal is to be at or under 10% by end of the year! Have a great day!

MP45 Day 16 Stairs…..

Tuesday morning cardio…Stairs….most fun of my life Over all, a short cardio session but very high intensity. I think we had about 36 sprints up the stairs with a few short breaks between sets. I was really feeling it in my chest breathing wise. We got through it and did a nice cool down on the dreadmill… Had some great food today which I am always all about sharing and tomorrow we are hitting shoulders, chest and tri’s. Back is getting really good and sore from day 15’s workout. Getting closer to that half way mark and I feel like things are just picking up! Thanks for stopping by. Jer

MP45 day 15 recap

We are into the 3rd week of MP45 and I am stoked! Rise of the free weights! We focused on back and abs today. Got some awesome dead lifts in today with a few variations of of the lift and got a good back burn going. Over all the diet was on point today and I am looking forward to some cardio tomorrow morning.

I really find that my focus is very much on point when I have a great diet plan and exercise routine in place to where I don’t have to put extra time and energy into thinking about what I am going to eat next, when I’m going to eat, and what I am going to work out today. Does anyone else feel some comfort in some parts of life to let someone write it out for you and then you just get it done? I definitely don’t feel like that in every area of my life but sometimes I am okay with just following steps to get where I am going and seeing progress along the way is a great byproduct of taking action. In an early blog I spoke about “Halo effect” and when you align 1 part of your life with something you are stretching for and pushing hard into other parts of your life, business, family, spiritual can be effected by this “halo” of accelerate growth. Its pretty cool to watch. I am also reading through the Miracle Morning which I am very excited about. Your morning is a very powerful time if you are intentional about it. Make it a great day! Thanks for stopping in- Jer