Mp45 day 39-42

Well I have been in Phoenix, AZ , the last 5 days and still crushing my diet and workouts. I even get to go outside to run hills and get me some Tabata training unlike in AK where I can’t really do anything outside right now…

So I have been crushing some legs, cardio, chest,back and abs at the end of each of those workouts . The last 3 days are all super set days and are going to be pretty intense.  I have been loving the results I have been getting. I have leaned way out and am getting close to my 10% body fat.

This has been the most challenging diet and excersize plan I have completed and I am so glad I have stuck through it even when it was tough. I’ll be posted my transformation photos after day 45 and get some Q&A going for those interested in learning more. Thanks for following my journey and for all the encouragement , it does mean a lot to me. Cheers! -Jer


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